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Summer Stretch: An Exercise in Spiritual Practices

Summer Stretch: An Exercise in Spiritual Practice

e-devotionals return for the summer!

This summer, we invite the Beargrass community to engage in Summer Stretch: An Exercise in Spiritual Practices, beginning Monday, July 1. This weekday e-devotion sent directly to your email address introduces a focus scripture and spiritual practice for the week. Each day we offer reflections and various ways you might engage with the spiritual practice.

What is a spiritual practice? Spiritual practices are meant to place us before God. They help us pay attention to God in our lives and to be aware of ourselves as God’s people. They are things we do regularly, intentionally, and attentively that help us draw closer to God. Spiritual practices open us up to God’s love and transforming presence. We are meant to approach them with focus and intentionality, but not rigidity. They are a means, not an end to see more of the truth about God, about ourselves, and about the world. Some of the practices we suggest may be what you expect, but some may surprise you.


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