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All Saints Day

Sunday, November 1, 2020

By Dr. Susan Lowe

This coming weekend we will celebrate All Saints Day, a day in which we remember those in our church family who have gone on to be with God in this last year. The day is also a time we celebrate our communion with all the saints and remember how we too hold such a title because of our relationship with God in Christ. This year we will be focusing on the above passage from I John in which we hear the comforting words of God’s overwhelming love for us and the hope we have in this life and the next. We are indeed God’s children, loved beyond reason, and we give thanks for those in our lives and in our church family who have shown us this love and how to live as God’s beloved while on this earth. Friends, this has been an extraordinarily difficult year. Our hearts ache over so many losses, especially the death of ones held so dear with little to no ability to say goodbye as we would want. Our grief, pain, and struggles are real. And so is the love and hope we have. Hold fast, dear ones. Take courage, just as those we celebrate this weekend did during their own struggles. They have left us, each in their own way, a legacy of love and for this we give thanks. Those we remember this year include the following:

Bob Ballou • Harlan Blount • Nella Blount • Betty Brafford • Sherrill Brakmeier • June Bridgewater
Mary Ann Brummette • Steve Callahan • Susan Collins • Helen Cox • George Duthie • Lu Ford
Wil Grubbs • Barbara Hagans • Stephen Hurt • Zella Johnson • Bruce Karem • Eleanor “Ellie” Kayrouz
Dale Maish • Phillip Marshall • Bettie Mattingly • Don Miller • Ann Northcutt • Louise Robinson
Paul Rom • Ken Rouse, Sr. • Nancy Rupp • Mikey Smalls • Gordon Snyder • Tom Walker
Dean Wilson • Wilbert Wilson • Donna Wirick • Estella Wright


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