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Refugee Family

Beargrass Sponsors Refugee Family

Each year June 20 is recognized internationally as World Refugee Day.  It is a time to commemorate the strength, courage, and perseverance of the refugees of the world, who number more than 25 million. Pedal Power, a ministery of Beargrass, has already donated more than 150 bicycles to refugees in our community this year alone. In addition to this good work, Beargrass will continue a tradition of almost a half-century by co-sponsoring another refugee family to be resettled locally by Kentucky Refugee Ministries (KRM) in the coming months.

A lot of help is needed—volunteers for the leadership team; furniture for the family’s lodging; household items; and most importantly, your prayers.  If you, your family, or friends have furniture to discard, arrangements for pick-up can be made by contacting KRM at 479.9180, ext. 523, or at [email protected]. Kindly inform KRM on any direct donations that they are on behalf of Beargrass so that they will be isolated for our incoming family.  Household items may be delivered to the Agape classroom at church.

Please consider joining the Beargrass lead team.  To do so, contact Mike Puckett at 502.593.7148 or at [email protected]  Dr. John Hull spoke of the importance of continuing our work of Jesus’s imperative to “welcome the stranger”, in his final sermon at Beargrass on June 2.  For the family, we ultimately receive it will mean bringing them to safety, while also offering them hope and dignity.  It is life-changing work indeed.  Please join us!


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