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Children’s Sunday

Children’s Sunday

Exodus 2:1-10

By Rev. Steven Straub 

This weekend the children of Beargrass will take a special role leading us in worship as we celebrate Children’s Sunday. During the service the children will be leading songs, reading Scripture, sharing prayer, leading worship, wonder and much more! They are looking forward to sharing their gifts with their church family. The service will be a combination of live and pre-taped segments.

The scripture passage and theme of the service will be based on the story of baby Moses. In what were definitely some unusual times, difficult decisions had to be made. But in the midst of it all, people took care of baby Moses. And we are reminded of God’s presence in those difficult times, caring for and protecting God’s children. And right now, we are living in some very unusual times. But still, we can find ways to love and care for each other, and God is still with us as we find unique and creative ways to share God’s love in this world.

I say a special prayer to God that I am privileged to serve a congregation that values the inclusion of children in worship and strives to remember how vital children are to its mission and ministry. We hope you will join us for our virtual Children’s Sunday this weekend!


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