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COVID-19 Guidelines

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our congregational leaders have been closely monitoring and following CDC guidelines to help ensure the health and safety of everyone in our church family. As you may know, the CDC recently updated its guidance regarding indoor events for those who have been fully vaccinated. Our Medical Advisory Team has closely reviewed these guidelines to continue our comprehensive approach in getting “Back to Beargrass” while also aiming to keep everyone safe (with extra care to consider the many young children here each week who are not yet able to be vaccinated).

Acting upon these recommendations from our health experts and within the restrictions set by state and local government, the MLT has approved the following changes to our church COVID policy:

  • Reservations are no longer required for our weekly worship services. Sanctuary seating will still be limited to every-other-row to allow the opportunity for social distancing.
  • Masks are no longer required indoors for those who have been fully vaccinated. We respectfully ask that those who have not yet been vaccinated continue to wear a mask for the health and safety of those at greatest risk of infection and for those who are not able to get the vaccine, including the children at Beargrass. Even if you have already been vaccinated, you may certainly continue to wear a mask at any time if you feel safer or more comfortable doing so.
  • Masks shall continue to be used by all individuals (children, staff, and volunteers) when in the children’s areas, as well as anywhere that children are present and unable to maintain a safe social distance.
  • Room capacity limits may be increased in consultation with the class/event organizer and church staff, provided that there is still adequate room to allow social distancing for those who are not vaccinated.
  • There is no longer a limitation on food/drink service. Those who are not vaccinated should practice social distancing while eating until a mask can be worn again.

These updates to our COVID policies clearly represent a significant milestone in the progress to get “Back to Beargrass.” Please know that these recommendations come with a great deal of care and love as our leaders have spent much time in prayer considering the weight of these decisions. We are hopeful that in the coming weeks we will only continue to make more progress and return to normal life as much as possible as we continually evaluate the latest guidance and consider its impact on our congregational life.

On behalf of all of our leaders who have brought us through this past year, thank you for your prayer and patience during these unprecedented times. The light is truly at the end of the tunnel, and we’re blessed to be able to get there together as one church family, united in the love and hope of Christ.