Worship with Hope, Grow with Love, and Serve with a Passion for Justice.

CYF (grades 9-12)

CYF (Christian Youth Fellowship) provides students an opportunity to build relationships, develop leadership skills, and explore their faith in a safe and supportive community. CYF also focuses on helping students discover their gifts, serve others, and the importance of generosity and justice in our world. CYF meets in the youth space throughout the school year.

Sunday Schedule

Sunday School – 10:00 am in the youth space. Students dive deep into the Bible and wrestle with how these stories from centuries ago can still have relevance and importance for their lives today.

Space for Grace – Sunday’s at 5:00 pm in the youth space. Students gather from group discussion and study. The group explores the collision of faith and culture in the modern world.

Wednesday Schedule

Youth Hang Time – Wednesday’s 5:30 pm in youth space. This is a dedicated time for students to build relationships with each other with no curriculum, agenda, or schedule. Students can enjoy a game of ping pong, cards, or just catch up on the events of the week.

Chi Rho Study – Wednesday’s 6:30 pm in youth space. Students explore and discover God, faith, and what it means to be disciples. Youth participate in a wide range of learning activities that include video, discussion, and service projects to help grow their faith.