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Elder and Deacon Nominations

The Nominating Team needs your input to select dedicated members of Beargrass for the positions of elder and deacon. The recommendations of the Nominating Team will be presented for consideration first by the Official Board and then by the congregation later this year. The Deacon and Elder Covenants can be found here.

You may nominate one or more church members for these positions by completing the form below and placing it in the offering plate, dropping it by the church office, or by sending it to me in care of the church. You can also go to www.beargrass.org/elderdeacon.org. Although it is not a requirement for the nomination to be considered, any information that you can include about the nominee concerning the nominee’s dedication to the work of the church would be helpful to the members of the Nominating Team. Please note that all nominations must be received no later than Sunday, February 9, 2020, at noon to be considered.

Nominations for Elder/Deacon