(Disciples of Christ)
a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world

Elders and Deacons

Members of the church family are recognized for their spiritual gifts, maturity, and commitment and are nominated to serve the church as a Deacon or Elder. When accepting the call to become a Deacon or Elder, they are saying “yes” to one of the most challenging and rewarding positions in the community of faith. Deacons and Elders have been growing closer to God through service for centuries and there are numerous references to Deacons and Elders in the Bible (Numbers 11:16-17; Titus 1:5-9; James 5:13-16; 1 Peter 5:1-5; 1Timothy 3:1-7). Being named as a Deacon or Elder is not simply an honorary position, but one that carries significant responsibilities and opportunities for growth. Each Deacon and Elder serves on a Ministry Team.

  • A copy of the Ministry Team Descriptions can be found here.
  • A copy of the Deacon Elder Covenant can be found here.

Current Deacons

Class of 2021
Brian Bennett, Chelsea Bennett, Aly Blandford, Faith Byrd, Talor Byrd, Ray Clark, Melissa Durham, Millicent Evans, Elaine Farris, Lisa Hagerty, Aimee Johnson, Craig Johnson, Joe Kipp, Steve Kuchenbrod, Mary Anne Lamb, Sylvia Quaye, Adrienne Sams, Jim Sams, Mike Skelton, Wendy Skelton, John Slaughter, Jeff Spurlock, Rachel Spurlock, Darlene Stetson, Chad Turner, Carol Wiggins, John Wilhoit, Kim Wilhoit, Dan Wilson, Nancy Loverude Wilson

Class of 2022
Andy Beshear, Britainy Beshear, Susan Bronner, Mary Beth Carson, Jan Conry, Pam Deskins, Jane Eberle, Donna Farmer, Jack Farmer, Kelly Haile, Tommy Haile, Barb Hoover, Nita James, Keith Masoud, Becky Mosley, Pam Olmstead, Dave Perkins, Dan Rechter, Don Ritter, Karen Smith, Chad Teaford, Susan Teaford, Pat Teeter, Jon Travis, Jessica Walters

Class of 2023

Liz Barlow, Cindy Blount, David Coultas, Megan Coultas, Jessica DeCoste, Donna Duncan, Tony Ellis, Tom Ferree, Tim Ferree, John Fischer, Janet Fleitz, Terri Fowler, Leigh Gillies, Matt Gillies, Lisa Hoffman, Matthew Johnson, Mo Johnson, Steve Kerrick, Lesley Key, Sherry Lanoie, Patrick Nankivell, Nancy Stoess, Mills Sublett, Karen Sutton, Joe Walker, John Whittle, Mary Beth Whittle, Nancy Lynn Wilson.

Current Elders

Class of 2021
Alice Beckham, Meg Blackwell, Mike Blackwell, Barbara Clark, Terry Dick, Eric Farris, Frank Farris, Alan Forsythe, Denise Hatfield, Tim Hatfield, Tim Jolly, Donna Knight, Bruce Lott, Kim Mercker, David Stanley, Terrianne Tremayne, Leigh Turner, Scott Wilhoit.

Class of 2022
Jeremy Angermeier, Missy Aultman, Amy Barker, David Blount, Gerald Box, Barbara Decker Frye, Susan Durham, Leslie Geoghegan, Sarah Gold, Charlie Grass, Verle Heindselman, Bill Hoover III, Ron Jones, Linda Jones, Penny Peavler, Chris Rakestraw, Deb Rakestraw, Liz Robinson, Audrey Roling, Carolyn Sander, Dave Sewell, Janet Thomson, John Tremayne

Class of 2023

Keith Aultman, Bruce Barkhauer, Laura Barkhauer, James Brown, Laurie Callander, Dale Curth, Allison Dawson, Doug Dawson, Clayton Farris, Donna Farris, Tara Holland, David Horn, Beth Jolly, Justin Key, Nancy Kuppersmith, Pete McCartney, Mike Puckett, John Richardson, Ryan Roling, Jay Sheldon, Bob Sutton, Sandy Thomas, Brad Williams, Keith Wilson, John Wise, Judy Wright


Joe Babcock, Todd Barlow, Paul Buttes, Kathy Cannon, Lauri Carrico, Patrick Carrico, Greg Claypool, Nancye Claypool, Jo Ford, Dwight Grammer, Karen Greenwell, Bill Hoover II, Peg Hoover, Sharon Kerrick, Lynda Lannert, Bart Miller, Cindy Moore, Tony Newberry, Jerry Potter, Nikki Potter, Karyn Rademaker, Michael Rademaker, Kara Touro, Scott Touro, Sarah Yoder.

Laura Angermeier, Shirley Cook, Beth Devine, Bob Gilewski, Kay Grammer, Damon Holland, Jim Jackson, Doug Knight, Julie Kottak, Terri McGuire, Dale Mercker, Joseph Quaye, Linda Sewell, Sydney Travis, Dave Wilde, Win Wilde, Kathy Wise