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Discovering the Enneagram

This class is an introduction to the Enneagram. It covers the nine types, their core ned, their core passion, and their core fear. It also covers what each type looks like in health or un-health, and how to incorporate characteristics of their types for healing and wholeness. Persons who complete this class will have a…

Earth Day 2019 Beargrass Christian Church

The Chalice Group

Holocaust survivor, Simon Wiesenthal, provides a thought-provoking study on forgiveness, justice, compassion, and human responsibility based upon his experience while imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp. On his deathbed, an SS soldier wanted to confess to the crimes he had committed – and receive absolution – from a jew. Faced with a choice between compassion…

Philippians bible study

Wednesday Bible Study – Philippians

Join Dr. Susan Lowe and study the historical context and setting in which Paul’s letter to the church at Philippi was written and received, discuss some of the themes and messages for the original hearers, and reflect on what this letter may say to us today. Paul instructs this community on Christian conduct within a…

grief support group

Grief Support Group

Grief can come from any loss. Death, divorce, and dislocation are all common contributors to grief. Come reflect on the meaning of loss, ways of processing it, and coping while adjusting to this new reality. We offer grief recovery and support in a safe and confidential space. Join Dr. Joseph Quaye and Dr. Susan Lowe…

Talking with God

Talking with God: The Nature and Power of Prayer

Prayer is simply talking with God. We can talk with God anytime, anyplace, for any reason – prayer isn’t just for the “spiritually elite.” When we pray, God does hear us, regardless of how it seems sometimes. What is prayer? Does it really have the power the Bible claims? Come and explore prayer every other…

Newcomers Class

This class offers and informative introduction to the mission and ministries of our church and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The class is for people who are new to the church or considering Beargrass as their church home. Childcare is available for all sessions. Please let Leigh know if you have any questions. You…

Message in Music

Message in Music

The Southern Gospel group, “The Infinite Realm,” will return to Beargrass on Saturday, August 17, and share a “Message in Music” at 5:30 pm in the sanctuary. Group members include Steve Brown, tambourine/vocals; Tony Gossom, 12-string guitar/vocals; Ricky Mahoney, bass/mandolin/piano/vocals; and Paul Wright, drums/vocals. They play about once a month around the region and share…

Refugee Welcome

Refugee Organizational Meeting

Beargrass is co-sponsoring another refugee family in 2019. Lauri Carrico ([email protected] or 649-6802) has graciously volunteered to head the 2019 lead team. To facilitate further preparation and education, Maha Kolko, Co-sponsorship Developer of Kentucky Refugee Ministries (KRM), will be with us for a meeting in the chapel at 10:00 am on Sunday, July 14. If…

Beargrass Christian Church chalice

Find Your Passion For Justice

Join Chris Rakestraw each Sunday at 10:00 am in the Agape classroom to discuss what a “passion for justice” really means. This class includes a survey of Biblical foundations for justice as well as reflecting on Beargrass’ work in this area along with possible new areas to advocate for justice.

fanfare 4th

Fanfare for the 4th – Musical Visions of America

The Louisville Chorus presents the 15th annual multimedia tribute to America. Enjoy this stirring American historical retrospective and revel in the power of patriotic songs and visuals. Tickets can be purchased through the Lousiville Chorus website.