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The Didache

The Didache—a First-Century Manual for Life
Wednesdays, April 24-May 15
10:30 am
Leader: John Hull

“The Didache is the most important book you’ve never heard of,” says Tony Jones. Originating in the 1st Century, the Didache was used by a Jesus-movement community to train new converts in the Way of Life. It is a manual for how this community should live. The Didache begins
There are two ways: one of life and one of death.
And there is a great difference between the two ways.
The way of life is this:
first: you will love the God who made you;
second: you will love your neighbor as yourself

The Didache begins with an extensive section on rules for life—effectively a commentary on the Torah commandments. A second section offers guidance concerning baptism, fasting, prayer, and communion. The third section instructs the community about traveling prophets who were evidently both a blessing and a curse. At times readers will think they are reading the Gospel of Matthew. At other times it is clear this is a very different kind of Christian text. Aaron Milavec notes “any community that cannot artfully and effectively pass on its cherished way of life as a program for divine wisdom and graced existence cannot long endure.” The Didache offers a remarkable window into the way one very early community passed on the Two Ways.
Join us as we discover the Didache in a four-week series.


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