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Family Mission Month – Love in Action

Beargrass Christian Church Children and Youth Ministries are partnering to provide mission opportunities for families during the month of July 2020.

Each week of July will feature a local mission project for families to complete at or near their homes. Every Friday we will release a video explaining our mission challenge for the week. Complete each challenge and send us your pictures so that we can highlight and celebrate your good work during worship.

Week 1 (July 5-11): Loving Our World

Our natural world is a treasure worth preserving. What can your family do to love the earth? Ideas could be as simple as picking up trash in your neighborhood, in a park, or along your street or as complex as weeding a flower bed or planting a tree. Use your creativity and show us (in pictures) how you are loving and caring for God’s gift of creation.

Week 2 (July 12-18): Loving School Children

Getting new school supplies is an exciting part of each new year. However, for many families, this is an unbearable expense. We are inviting you to bring school supplies to Beargrass Christian Mon-Fri 10a-2p, Wed 5p-8p (or by appointment) that we will then donate to St. Matthew’s Area Ministries. Specifically, St. MAM’s has requested composition notebooks, washable markers, and pencils (no crayons, please).

However, this week includes some lighthearted competition. There are five different constituencies within our Children’s and Youth Ministries based upon grade most recently completed – The ARK Wing (birth-pre K), Primary Adventures (K-2), Junior Youth Fellowship (3-5), Chi Rho (6-8), and Christian Youth Fellowship (9-12). Which group can bring in the most school supplies? When you bring your donations to church indicate which group you are a part of. We will announce a “winner” at the end of the week.

Week 3 (July 19-25): Loving Our Neighbor

Everyone wants to feel loved and included, especially our elderly and homebound population. This challenge has two parts. Early in the week contact Susan, Steven, or Rob and we will connect you with an elderly or homebound member of Beargrass. How can you show love to this “neighbor?” Ideas might include making a card or poster to deliver to their doorstep (in a socially distant way) or bringing flowers to brighten their day. Maybe you could decorate their sidewalk or driveway with sidewalk chalk! Or, given that this week is Christmas in July, maybe you could sing Christmas carols! Be creative, ask permission, and make a connection. Don’t forget to take pictures!

Week 4 (July 26-Aug 1): Loving Those in Need

Hunger and poverty are issues right here in our community. What can your family do to address those needs? We are inviting you to make snack bags for Fed With Faith and/or provide personal care items for St. MAM’s.

A snack bag should contain a small bottle of water a package of peanut butter and crackers, and a salty snack (a personal note is also appreciated). The personal care items St. MAM needs most are: laundry detergent, shampoo/body wash, and deodorant.

Items may be dropped off at Beargrass Mon-Fri 10a-2p, Wed 5p-8p (or by appointment). This will be a rematch of the competition from week 2. Which group will bring the most? Don’t forget to take pictures of your family either shopping for the items to be donated or with your donation before bringing it to church.

If you have questions about Family Mission Month, please contact Rev. Steven ([email protected]) or Rev. Rob ([email protected]).