(Disciples of Christ)
a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world



Please click the red button above to give to any of our special offerings/causes as well as to set up a one-time or recurring offering by debit/credit card.

Why We Give

The Bible instructs us to be “joyful givers.” We acknowledge the blessings of God in our lives, and we give generously of our time, our talents, and our resources. By doing so, we are supporting not only the mission and ministries of Beargrass, but also the day to day operations of the church.

While there are some in our congregation who have been blessed financially, most of Beargrass’s annual budget comes from many small, but proportionally generous givers. When you give financially to Beargrass, be assured that your tithes, offerings and other gifts are managed with spiritually guided discernment by the leaders of the church who have been nominated and approved. Our annual budget is presented in detail each year to the congregation, which then has the opportunity to ask any questions and approve the budget. 

For questions about giving to the church, please contact Susan Lim in the church office.



Special Offerings

From time to time throughout the year, Beargrass Christian Church participates in Special Day Offerings of the Disciples of Christ. These offerings support the increasingly vital missions of the General church, including new church development, the refugee crisis, and pro-reconciliation/anti-racism work of the Church.

There are six Disciples Mission Fund Special Day Offerings received each year.

  • Easter
  • Pentecost
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Week of Compassion
  • Reconciliation Ministry

We also receive special gifts for issues and causes that arrive throughout the year, especially related to disaster relief and humanitarian aid.

Any of our special offerings can be supported through our online giving page here.