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a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world

Green Chalice

We have been blessed, by our God, with a lovely home called Earth. But, taking care of creation did not come with directions and we are finding out that some of our actions, especially in the last 30 years, have put our home close to the edge of peril. In light of this, we aim to walk gently on earth and help others do the same by providing education and empowering action. We see care for the earth as a faithful response to God’s good gift to us and as one way to life out our faith. We believe creation care is universially relevant not politically partisan. The Green Chalice Team invites you to turn taking care of the Earth into a habit – one month at a time. Here are some easy and small adjustments you can make to help care for the earth.

Compost graphic

  • Develop water permeable surfaces on your property, including concrete removal 
  • Install rain barrels and rain gardens
  • If possible, create green spaces, plant trees, and clear dead wood and brush
  • Reduce wast and start composting
  • Eat fewer processed and more plant-based food


Thermostat Can Be the Earth’s and Your Friend

  • When days are warm and nights turn cool, throw open the windows to cool the house.
  • Keep your thermostat 68 degrees or lower in winter/lower it at night up to 10 degrees & when not at home
  • For warm days, keep your temperature between 74-78 and raise it when not at home
  • Keep your thermostat on auto instead of running the fan
  • Purchase a programmable thermostat to regulate your temperature automatically.
  • On average a household can save $165/year!