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Green Chalice

Green Chalice Tips

Thermostat can be the Earth’s & your friend

Beargrass… get ready! The Green Chalice Team challenges you to turn taking care of the Earth into a habit – one month at a time.

  • When days are warm and nights turn cool, throw open the windows to cool the house.
  • Keep your thermostat 68 degrees or lower in winter/lower it at night up to 10 degrees & when not at home
  • For warm days ahead, keep your temperature between 74-78 and raise it when not at home
  • Keep your thermostat on auto instead of running the fan
  • Purchase a programmable thermostat to regulate your temperature automatically.
  • On average a household can save $165/year!
    As co-workers of God in creation, humankind has often not remembered to fulfill our role. We have used and abused the resources of the earth. We have ignored the cries of pain and sorrow that fill the air, water, and land of God’s creation. Now is the time for us to make a plea to God to help us save the earth, not only for ourselves but for those who are yet to come. Now is the time to envision all of humankind joining with God in a united effort to renew the face of the Earth.

So what can we do? Our biblical tradition challenges us recognize and respond to our intimate connections with creation. We return to see ourselves again as part of the very earth from which we are created and which sustains us on a minute to minute basis.