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Green Chalice


• In 1977 the DOC General Assembly approved a task force on ecology which met for many years.
• The task force authored a creation care prayer called the Alverna Covenant for congregations to sign.
• In 2007, several Kentucky Disciples came together to
discuss better care for God’s creation.
• Led by Rev. Carol Devine, and called Green Chalice KY, it supplied “Green Resources” to churches. In 2011, Green Chalice Ministries became the official ministry for the
Disciples stewardship of creation.


In 2017, BCC began the process of becoming a Certified Green Chalice Congregation. Our leaders and Green Team signed the Alverna Covenant. The required energy audit suggested actions to reduce our energy consumption. While working on the audit suggestions, we also added other creation care goals, then applied for and became a Certified Green Chalice Congregation. See the plaque across from the administrative offices.

The following is a list of the actions the BCC Green Chalice Team, church staff and volunteers took and the money saved for MISSION:

• Replaced all sanctuary lights plus 168 church lighting fixtures with LED,
• Added 12-bathroom occupancy sensors
• Bought recycled paper
• Closed several leaks in the building envelope
• Insulated many spaces
• Installed a pollinator garden, near the Browns Lane
entrance to the church.
•Planted approximately 25 trees in new yards of Habitat for Humanity homes.
• Styrofoam recycling drive which collected 150 sq feet of Styrofoam
•At the Ash Wednesday service, we fed over 100 congregants on real dishware rather than plastics.
• Decreased our yearly fossil fuel usage by about 145,000 KWH of electricity & 1700 CCF of natural gas/methane amounting to about $17,000/year.


With joy in our hearts*, knowing that all of us are needed to make changes, to heal Earth, our home. Here are some actions you can take:

• Discuss climate change with family, friends and neighbors.
• Put less red meat and more vegetables on your plate to eat.
• Replace incandescent lights with LED lightbulbs in your home.
• Commit to turning off the lights that are not needed.
• Drive Eco-friendly cars
• Install Solar panels
• When household appliances need replacement, purchase those that are electric & energy efficient (the Inflation Reduction Act can help finance!)
• Walk, bike, carpool or take the bus
• Resolve to hang up wet laundry to dry rather than using the dryer for everything.
• Buy local and organic food.
• Plant a tree or if you do not have a place to plant trees, volunteer to plant trees with the non-profit TreesLouisville.
• Compost organic matter vs sending everything to the landfill
• Pick up trash
• Convert more of your lawn from grass into native plants, starting this spring.
• Avoid single-use plastic items.
• Use your own Beargrass reusable bag for groceries
• Recycle plastic packaging in the grocery recycling bin.
• Kick the plastic-purchased water bottle habit. Louisville tap water is award-winning.
• Buy drinks in aluminum cans when possible.
• Donate your used clothes, furniture, and electronic equipment to a worthy charity.
• Check out thrift shops to buy clothes, furniture, décor, etc.

*Avoid guilt, do the best you can most days, but do join Green Chalice in our efforts to care for creation. Earth is our God-given HOME!