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Lines From Leigh – Palm Sunday Preview

An Opportunity to Cry and Cry Out
Luke 19:28-40

Have you ever been happy and sad at the same time? Have you ever wept during a wedding? Have you ever bawled at the birth of a baby? Have you ever been amused during a memorial service? When something really painful happened in your life, have you ever said, “I have to laugh to keep from crying.”

During Lent we have considered the theme “Opportunity.” We have thought about tempting, fruitful and extravagant opportunities, as well as our opportunities to “come home” when we are lost. This weekend we will remember a day we call “Palm Sunday”—but which we also describe as “Passion Sunday.” The story from Luke reminds us that there are times to cry out with joy—but also to cry because of our despair.

Because we are a part of a family of faith, our feelings are heightened because of our community connections. When we prepare for prayer every week in worship, we are taken on an emotional roller coaster as hear our concerns and celebrations. We know what it means to feel grief and gladness, celebration and sadness—all at the same time.

As we begin Holy Week 2019 and recall Jesus’ experiences as he enters Jerusalem, we will be tempted to move straight from the parade to the Easter party. But it is important to remember the rest of the story, so I hope to see you ‘round the Table this weekend, on Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday.



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