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Lost and Found Series

Lost…But Finding Joy

Last week we began a new sermon series called “Lost and Found,” which will run through the end of October. We will focus on stories from Luke 15-17 and continue to think about what a Spirit-filled, Spirit-led life looks like. If you haven’t looked at Luke lately, I encourage you to do so to get a feel for the “flow” of the entire gospel.

This week’s text is the second of three “lost-and-found” parables in Luke 15. Luke links the parables together and skillfully builds and reinforces the remarkable messages they convey. The first two tend to get “lumped together,” but I think that does a disservice to the second one. Even though the parable of the lost coin is short and sweet, it has some unique things to tell us.

Also, as I mentioned last week, these parables are often mislabeled. Dr. Fred Craddock said: “All three parables are commonly identified by their negative—rather than their positive attributes. But they all end in celebrations of joy! We devote an inordinate amount of time on the conditions addressed by the gospel—rather than on the gospel itself. These parables are about love and forgiveness and joy.”

So…take some time to ponder the parable of the lost coin before you come to worship. How did the coin get lost? Why was it so urgent to find it? Why was there such joy at the end when the lost coin was finally discovered—so much joy that the woman told her family and friends about it? Give it some thought. See you ‘round the Table.


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