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Message from Dr. Leigh Bond

Dear Beargrass Family,

The hearts of many people in our church family and I were broken as we awakened to the images of an evening of violence in our beloved city. And yet, we also recognize that generations of systemic racism have led us to this point. What has happened can be viewed as a terrifying crisis—but it is also a tremendous opportunity for us as people of faith. 

It is our prayer that peace will reign in Louisville and Minneapolis, in the Commonwealth, country and the entire world. As people with a ‘passion for justice,’ we will pray and work and long for justice for ALL of God’s children regardless of race.

In the light of this new day may we awaken with cooler heads and open ears and hearts. May we hear one another—especially those who have as yet been unheard. May we be moved with compassion for one another—especially for the marginalized and the oppressed. And may we come together to reshape this world into a better reflection of God’s image of Shalom.

Dr. Leigh Bond, Senior Minister

Beargrass Christian Church


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