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Pastor Search Committee Update

Dear Beargrass Family,

The Search Committee continues to work tirelessly on its mission to find a new senior pastor. The Committee has met a total of 10 times, gathering every two weeks, and is working judiciously through the search and call process as outlined by the Regional Office. We want to bring you up to date on our progress thus far.

Our first task was to develop a Congregational Profile. This is a very time-consuming task, but luckily we had the Wimberly Report to help us with some of the requested data. We also gathered statistical information from Church records, committees, and local census data. The completed Congregational Profile was submitted to the Regional Office at the end of February.

The Search Committee then met with the Regional Minister on March 1, 2020, for additional training on reading clergy resumes. The regional office has a very structured process for senior minister selection and the Search Committee is endeavoring to follow this model. After the completion of this task, we started to receive papers from various applicants. We have been seriously reviewing each and every applicant.

We will continue to review applicants through the end of May. At that point, interviews will begin with selected candidates.

We will continue to keep you informed of our progress via e-news, special emails, and our website. We continue to ask for your prayers for wisdom and support. Your Search Committee members are: Linda Sewell, Mike Puckett, Denise Hatfield, Bob Gilewski, Allison Dawson, Sydney Travis, Donna Knight,  Barbara Decker, Justin Key, and Stacy DeCoste. 

We are honored to be entrusted with this task. 

The Pastor Search Committee


  1. Tie Rob Shrader down and make him apply!! He would be the best replacement. He could really make this church grow in the future! Logistics can all be worked out for him to operate leadership in the church and his family life.

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