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Pentecost Perspectives

The theme for the upcoming services is “Pentecost Perspectives.” What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Pentecost?” Although Pentecost is the longest “season” of the Church by far, stretching from May until December, some of us aren’t sure “what it’s all about” or “what to do with it.” Some of us might say that it has something to do with the Spirit, but we’re not sure about the implications of that gift. So, I will begin the series with a couple of messages about the gift of the Spirit to the disciples and the early Church. In the Gospel of John it comes peacefully and privately. In the story in Acts, it comes powerfully and publicly. With that foundation, the rest of series will focus on the “Pentecost Effect”—how can we view and live our lives as “Spirit filled” people of faith?

The “Pentecost Perspectives” series is part of a year-long emphasis called “2020 Vision.” When we hear the number “2020,” we can’t help but think of eyesight—so it has made sense to embrace it thematically. So far we have considered other variations of the theme: “The Eyes of Epiphany,” “The Lens of Lent,” and “Recognizing Resurrection.” Later this year we will think about “Visions and Voices of Advent.” I hope that you will see some of us around the Table as we continue to live stream our services every week. And I pray that the Spirit will fill us and empower us to see ways to serve God’s people more clearly.


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