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Beargrass Christian Church Rise Sermon Series

Easter Preview – Rise!

As we prepare for the season of Easter, we will reflect upon variations of a phrase we often hear after people are baptized: “Rise! Walk in the Newness of Life!” Join us as we give some thought to what it means to be “Easter people?” What does it mean for us to be people of the resurrection? What does it look like to “rise and walk in the newness of life?”

Join us as we unpack what it means to rise and follow, listen, and be united. We look forward to seeing you ’round the table.

April 20/21 Rise, John 20:1-10 (11-18)
April 27 Message in Music with Ryan Hardin
April 28 Earth Day Celebration, Dr. Hull preaching
May 4/5 Rise and Follow, John 21:15-19
May 11/12 Rise and Listen, John 10:22-30
May 18 Message in Music
May 19 Rev. Rob Shrader preaching
May 25/26 Rise and Be United, John 17:20-26
June 1/2 Dr. John Hull’s “Farewell Address”


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