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Special Offerings & Causes

Beargrass Christian Church is a generous community! We share in special offerings for unexpected crises at home and around the world whenever an important community need arises.

Beargrass also participates in special day offerings through the Disciples of Christ. These offerings support the increasingly vital missions of our denominational partners, including new church development, the refugee crisis, higher education, and pro-reconciliation/anti-racism work of the Church.

There are typically at least six Disciples Mission Fund Special Day Offerings received each year:

  • Easter Special Offering supports General Ministries of the Church to serve across the country and around the world
  • Pentecost Special Offering supports Disciples new church development through both regional and general programs
  • Thanksgiving Special Offering supports education with a direct connection to 15 Disciples colleges and universities, 7 seminaries, and other theological programs
  • Christmas Special Offering supports our Kentucky Disciples Regional Ministry, especially the statewide camp and conference programs
  • Week of Compassion Special Offering for natural disaster relief and refugee/humanitarian support through Disciples partnerships around the world (typically received in late February each year)
  • Reconciliation Ministry Special Offering supports Disciples pro-reconciliation/anti-racism work (typically received late September / early October)

Any of our special offerings can be supported through our online giving page here.