(Disciples of Christ)
a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world

Education Building: 1st and 2nd floors

  • Agape (Room 202) – Gifted facilitators guide discussion of issues related to the Christian journey (50s and up).
  • Fellowship (Room 208) – A variety of teaching techniques and topics contributes to class members’ faith development.
  • Friendship (Fellowship Hall) – A team of teachers guides Bible exploration using Uniform Lesson (Senior Adults).
  • Genesis (Room 207) – Discussion on varied topics with a tie-in to the Bible—social events to connect the class (50s and up)
  • Grace (Room 201) – Discussion facilitated by a variety of media for 30s-40s with diverse religious backgrounds.
  • Sojourners (Room 203) – A discussion-oriented class with a strong sense of community (late 30s-50s).
  • Chalice Chasers (Beargrass Boardroom) – A class for young adults, typically in their 30s.