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We Are Beargrass

Why Should I Give?

The most frequently asked question during stewardship season is, “Why Should I pledge?”

We urge you to consider what you value about Beargrass for you, your friends, and your family. Were you or your children baptized or married here? Have you or a family member benefited from pastoral care from our ministers? Have you had a family member’s funeral here or attended the funeral of a loved one at Beargrass? Do you attend the Farmer’s Market, value the ministry of Pedal Power, our partnership with Kentucky Refugee Ministries, or any of our outreach initiatives?

To what degree do you want its music and education programs to continue? How much do you care how well maintained our physical plant is?

To what amount do you care about Beargrass’s support for agencies and institutions in the greater community, especially St. Matthews Area Ministries, Fed With Faith, Kentucky Refugee Ministries, and Lexington Theological Seminary?

Beargrass is about more than any of our individual needs; ultimately, it’s about a way of thanking God for our many gifts and blessings.

While we will always welcome and benefit from all donations, we ask everyone to make a giving pledge for the upcoming year so that we have an accurate projection of our revenue. Only with such a projection can we establish our budget and set priorities for our own needs. Without adequate financial resources, we cannot sustain the many avenues of ministry and outreach. To pay our bills, sustain our programs, and maintain our physical plant, it requires $3,600/day or $1.3 million annually. That is the reality we face.

We ask that you prayerfully consider your pledge for 2020. Perhaps a great place to start is by asking yourself- To what extent do I care that Beargrass continues to exist as the church I know it to be?
You can make your pledge at www.beargrass.org or bring your pledge card to worship on Saturday, November 16 or Sunday, November 24.


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