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Church Camp

The Christian Church In Kentucky’s Outdoor Ministries is looking forward to a fun summer, even during these challenging and uncertain times. We are excited about the following alternatives to our original 2020 Camp Kum-Ba-Ya and Camp Wakon’ Da-Ho programs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Camp Wakon’ Da-Ho is offering camps according to the following schedule:

  • June 26-28                Mini Camp
  • June 29-July 4           CYF
  • July 5-11                    Eighters’
  • July 13-18                  Chi Rho
  • July 20-24                  Junior
  • July 24-26                  101
  • Sept. 4-6                   Y’ALL camp
  • Oct. 2-4                     Fall Festival

The registration form for the alternative dates is available at: http://www.ccinky.net/ministries/camp/wakonda-ho/

What makes this schedule possible is that instead of offering our traditional two options of 101, Junior, Chi Rho and CYF camps, there will only be one session of each of these camps.  This will still allow us to provide Kentucky youth a camp for every age group, however, access to camp will be on a first come, first served basis, and it is very likely that we will reach our maximum capacity for several of the camps.  Though this plan is not ideal, it does allow The Christian Church In Kentucky to continue to provide a vital outdoor ministry program.

Camp Wakon’ Da-Ho’s leadership will continue to monitor the CDC, federal and state guidelines concerning the approved sizes of gatherings and social distancing.  It is possible that Wakon’ Da-Ho may not be able to host any camps this summer as well.  We will revisit this decision frequently and communicate any further changes.