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Elected Leadership

Beargrass Christian Church is blessed with a deeply committed volunteer base who helps bring the ministries of our church to life. Each year, the nominating committee and Executive Board make recommendations to the congregation by presenting a slate of officers, Deacon, and Elders for election.

The Executive Board governs the business and affairs on behalf of the Congregation, in addition to making recommendations on matters that require approval through a Congregational vote. The Executive Board also forms and oversees all administrative committees in areas such as property, personnel, and finance. Members of the Executive Board are elected by the congregation for a 2 year term.

2024 Executive Board Members:

The Mission Board serves the Congregation by coordinating its Ministry Teams toward implementing and achieving the Mission and Vision of the Congregation. Membership of the Mission Board includes the Mission Board Chair, Executive Board Chair, the Chair of each Ministry Team, representatives from the Elders and Deacons, and all ministerial staff of the Congregation. The Chair of each Ministry Team is selected for a 1 year term by the Mission Board Chair (with the consent of the Executive Board Chair and Senior Minister, after consultation with the pertinent ministers and staff), with a maximum of 3 consecutive years of service.

Beargrass Elders make a covenant to be responsible for the spiritual life and development of the Congregation by presiding at Communion, greeting and assimilating visitors into the Beargrass community, shepherding members of the Congregation, and generally supporting the ministers and other leaders regarding the care and spiritual life of the Congregation. Elders are elected by the congregation for a 3 year term.

Beargrass Deacons make a covenant to be responsible for providing leadership in the servant ministries of the Congregation, including greeting and service in worship and actively engaging in the life of the Congregation (including participation in teams, activities, and events that support the Mission).