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An Easy Way to Create Space for a Perennial/Pollinator Garden WITHOUT CHEMICALS OR A SHOVEL!

Green Chalice – by Nancy Kuppersmith

Last week we talked about why it is so important to provide habitat for native plants, trees and shrubs. However, converting turfgrass to planting sites for native plants can be a heavy-duty challenge if you dig the space with a shovel.  Some take the easier route and use lawn chemicals to do a fast job of killing the turfgrass. Unfortunately, scientists are finding that there may be health consequences to using herbicides and other lawn chemicals.

There is an easier, healthier, but not as quick way to make a site ready for planting.  Lay thick cardboard or black plastic over the area you choose to turn into a perennial/pollinator garden.  Keep the cardboard or plastic in place with heavy stones, for about 4 months.  This method kills the turfgrass naturally.  If you use cardboard or black plastic this Spring/Summer the area will be ready to plant in Fall.  Fall is a good time to plant perennial natives so they establish their root system over the winter.  Those plants will then show their beautiful foliage in spring. Join Green Chalice in converting some of your turfgrass into perennial native plants, or do perennial native plantings in pots on your patio!


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