Worship with Hope, Grow with Love, and Serve with a Passion for Justice.

Meet Our New Facilities Director – David Schmidt!

My Name is David Schmidt and I am very excited to be joining Beargrass Christian Church as your new Facilities Director.

Here’s a little bit about me:
I come to you with over 40 years of Bldg. Industrial Facilities and Operations Management experience. I have been in everything from Commercial, Medical and industrial areas of operations and am very happy to bring my knowledge and skills toolbox to Beargrass. I am a single father with 3 adult daughters and 4 Grandchildren.  My daughters are Grace, 33, (twins) Hannah, 32 and Madeline, 32. The love of my life and life partner of 9 years is Jennifer. In addition to facilities and infrastructure management, I am a skilled wood worker and horticulturalist.   

I appreciate the opportunity to provide a few details about the who I am and to share my gratitude to all the folks at Beargrass who have brought me on board for this exciting journey.  I hope I will exceed all expectations. I am here to serve and excel, as we all are, and I look forward to many years of success and making friends along the way. 

In closing, thank you for this opportunity and thank you for all the kind welcoming words I have received so far! I sincerely look forward to meeting everyone in the congregation at some point. If you are in the building, please find me and say hello. My email address is [email protected].

There is work to do ~ David

David’s responsibilities at Beargrass include directing the logistical and business operations of the campus resources and facilities staff, providing leadership over the church property by overseeing its maintenance contractors and facilities resources, serving as the liaison to the Property Committee and Executive Board, planning and implementing strategies for ensuring uninterrupted operations of the main building and other buildings on the property, project and process management which includes predictive and preventative maintenance, and managing scheduling of resources to ensure Beargrass is a fully functioning facility where we Worship with Hope, Grow with Love, and Serve with a Passion for Justice!


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