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A New Spirit Sermon Series at Beargrass

A New Spirit of Gratitude

Psalm 13

Dr. Susan Lowe
Last weekend, as we began the season of Pentecost, Leigh mentioned in his sermon that no matter what we have going on in our lives, we have hope because of the gift and gifts of the Spirit God continues to pour out on us. He said, “The power of the Spirit is available—no matter what our situation or condition or circumstances might be. Often, the Spirit comes gently, giving guidance when we’re lost, helping us say the right thing when we don’t know what to say. It provides strength to keep going when we’re exhausted and prods us to reach out when we would rather not get involved. The Comforter, the power and presence of God, helps us get through our trials and tribulations and transitions and tragedies.”

As we continue to give thanks this weekend for the gifts of the Holy Spirit getting us through extremely difficult times, we will spend some time on Psalm 13, known as a Psalm of Lament. Lament psalms voice complaint and anger toward God (among other things) about something that has happened or is going on in the psalmist’s life or the life of the community. Lament psalms petition God to do something about the situation/experience. These psalms almost always end in praise, voicing thanksgiving, voicing trust that God will make things right.

Join us this weekend as we are invited to give voice to our laments and find a new spirit of gratitude in giving voice to our deepest hurts and longings for ourselves and our world.


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