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Lost and Found Sermon Series

Lost But Finding Gratitude

When Dr. Leigh Bond lost his voice early last week, the other ministers on staff went into action ensuring Leigh got plenty of time to rest his voice and recover. The result was something we can ALL be thankful for – a three for one – 3 ministers for One sermon. The approach may be unconventional, but the outcome was phenomenal.

Now coined “The 3 PULPITEERS” I’m hoping we get to hear more from this team in the future! Thank you Dr. Susan Lowe, Rev. Rob Shrader, and Rev. Steven Straub for sharing your gifts with us, for taking care of Dr. Bond, and for this interesting take on an old story found in Luke of the 10 lepers.


  1. Dear God,
    I am thankful for three of our four ministers being able to come together and share their gifts, thoughts, insight, knowledge and love, in a gift of Love to the congregation on a moments notice; when the fourth was ill.
    Beargrass is truly blessed to have such a loving base and history to build our community of faith upon. May it continue to grow with Gratitude and Love.

  2. Thanks so much for making this podcast available. I was out of town this past Sunday. Thank you Rob, Stephen, and Susan for sharing your gifts and making this scripture come alive in a new way for me and no doubt many others. I feel blessed to be a part of this wonderful congregation.

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