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Pentecost Perspectives

The Parable of the Sower is one of the more familiar stories in the Gospels. If you read beyond the passage above you’ll find several verses where the disciples questioned Jesus about why he spoke in parables and then you’ll find an explanation of this parable. It’s a curious and delightful text for sure!

Imagine yourself in the crowd of people listening to these words about sowing seeds and the ground upon which they fall. It’s likely that many in his audience knew well the difficulties of gardening. Given that he was a carpenter by trade there may well have been farmers in the group who had quite a bit more experience sowing seeds and growing plants than Jesus did. But, what was it like to hear these words? Were some people frustrated because he was telling them something they already knew? Were others confused about what all this talk about seeds and types of soil could possibly have to do with God? Or did his words rest on the people with truth and meaning?


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