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We Are Beargrass

We Are Beargrass: Stewards of Grace

We are in the midst of our annual stewardship education emphasis. Each year we intentionally devote some extra time to thinking about this important spiritual discipline. We are challenged to give prayerful and careful consideration to the ways we will support the mission and ministry in the year to come with our time, talent, and resources.

We have the privilege (again!) of welcoming Beargrass member Rev. Bruce Barkhauer to the pulpit this weekend. Bruce and his wife, Laura, are enthusiastic, energetic members of Beargrass. Bruce works for our denomination’s “Center for Faith and Giving” and he is passionate about his ministry. 

As Bruce has said: “Jesus challenges us to make choices about our stuff…lest it become a way to sadness instead of joy. So we can use our stuff to serve God’s purposes. What we do with our stuff can become a means toward a blessing for us and for the community in which we live. Our gifts can transform the world.” It will be good to gather ‘round the Table with him—and you—this weekend!


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