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The Power of ‘Electric’ Messages at Church

In caring for creation and serving justice to those most affected by fossil fuel emissions (the young and old who are poor and affected by droughts, floods, and crop failures, and those 9 million people affected with respiratory illnesses due to pollution), God is calling us to help our neighbors.  However by using fossil fuel energized engines, we are ignoring the call of the earth, and its affected people. Right now, the justice we need to show is to electrify everything (EE) to reduce CO2 & other greenhouse gases in the air.

To rid the air of fossil fuel emissions, we are asked to convert to electric cars and appliances as soon as we are able. Actually the 3 biggest contributors to our emissions are our cars (50%), home heating (25%) & water heating (10%). Fortunately, the Inflation Reduction Act is making it easier to make that transition by providing tax credits and discounts.

We are starting a series on the EE education process Sunday June 2, 2024 by discussing EV cars.  All are welcome to come to hear our guest speaker educate us on: Driving Change: Exploring the Environmental and Financial Benefits of Electric Vehicles.

Please come join us in learning to care for God’s creation.


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