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Lost and Found Series

Lost But Finding…Our Way Home

We are currently in a sermon series called “Lost and Found,” which will run through the end of October. In this series, we focus on stories from Luke 15-17 and continue to think about what a Spirit-filled, Spirit-led life looks like.

This week’s text is the third of three “lost-and-found” parables in Luke 15. Luke links the parables together and skillfully builds and reinforces the Good News they proclaim. They are often mislabeled by their negative—rather than their positive messages. They all end in celebrations! The stories are about God’s grace and love and forgiveness.

But I wonder if we have heard the third parable in Luke 15 so often that we cannot hear it anymore? What is Jesus trying to tell us about God? Who is the “prodigal” and who are the “prodigals” in today’s news? Also, does this story inform what we celebrate and affirm on World Communion weekend?


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