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Sermons by Dr. Leigh Bond

Happy New You 2020

Happy New You!

Happy New Year! As the new year begins many folks make resolutions to transform themselves and their lives. Others are a bit more cynical about making resolutions feeling they don’t last and really don’t make much difference. In this sermon, Dr. Bond examines John 1:1-13. In the text, John proclaims Jesus was God’s message to…

Sing Love!

This weekend’s lesson begins with the words, “Now the birth of Jesus the Messiah took place in this way.” But Matthew could have easily replaced the word “birth” with “adoption” and the story would have been no less miraculous. It is amazing that Joseph treated Jesus as a son, although he was not his biological…

Sing Joy

Sing Joy!

This week, Dr. Leigh Bond turns our focus from Peace to Joy as we enter into the third week of Advent. Looking at Isaiah 35:1-10, Dr. Bond asks if there is a difference between happiness and joy and how God shows joy to the world?

We Are Beargrass

We Are Beargrass: Stewards of Hope

Although stewardship is a daily matter, we devote some time each year for a more focused emphasis on stewardship education. We are called to give prayerful and careful consideration to the ways we will support the mission and ministry with our time, talent, and resources. Christian stewardship is the faithful management of all that God…

Lost and Found Series

Lost But Finding Our Faith

“Increase our faith!” Have you ever prayed that prayer? I suspect that many of us have—but Jesus’ response is rather peculiar. Jesus says that the size of your faith doesn’t matter—your problem is not a lack of faith. It only takes a mustard-seed sized faith to uproot a tree and plant it in the sea.…

Lost and Found Series

Lost But Finding Our Priorities

This week we continue the series called “Lost and Found,” which will run through the end of October. We are thinking about what a Spirit-filled, Spirit-led life and community look like. We will make the transition from the powerful parables in Luke 15 to the first story in Luke 16. As always, I encourage you…