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Eyes to See the Presence of God

This weekend we will conclude our “Eyes to See” sermon series. We have been thinking about pivotal passages in the Gospel of Matthew. These texts have challenged us to see things differently, to recognize temptation, to accept God’s invitations, to be aware of our blessings, to see the light, and to look for ways to take the “high road” as people of faith. The story that is traditionally read at the end of the Season of Epiphany is the account of Jesus’ transfiguration when the power and presence of God and the identity of Jesus were revealed in remarkable ways.

As we prepare for worship let’s ponder the passage again and consider these questions. Can you imagine being one of the disciples who witnessed the event? How would you have reacted? Have you had any “close encounters” of the spiritual kind? When have you seen or heard or experienced God most fully? Have any of those experiences changed the way you thought or lived? Did any of them inspire you to take action?


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