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Eyes to See the Higher Road

As we continue to think about the theme of “Eyes to See”, We look to God for guidance and directions for discipleship. Jesus’ words in this week’s portion of the Sermon on the Mount are some of the most challenging we will ever hear. He outlines an alternative, radical way of being and behaving. Some have described these words as the “Be-Attitudes.” They are Jesus’ “Plan B’s”—instructions about how to BE God’s people in this world by taking the high road in our relationships. And Jesus’ “Plan B’s” all begin with a big “BUT!” “You have heard that it was said…BUT I say to you….”

Jesus can’t be serious. We do not live in an innocent world of sweetness and light. So, we buy the bumper sticker: “Don’t get mad—get even.” BUT…Jesus proclaims that there is a better way to live. “If you really want to make an impact on this world, if you really want to transform those around you, if you really want to show people the way to God, here is what I am asking you to do.” Then Jesus unloads this list of impossible possibilities. And he invites us to follow him along the road less traveled.


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