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Beargrass Christian Church Rise Sermon Series

Rise and Follow

May 5, 2019

John 21:15-19

As we continue to celebrate the season of Easter, we are reflecting on variations of a phrase we often hear after people are baptized: “Rise! Walk in the Newness of Life!” What does—or could—that look like for us as individuals and a community of faith? What does it mean to be “Easter people?” What does it mean for us to be people of the resurrection?   

This week we will hear Jesus’ very poignant post-resurrection conversation with Peter. The thrice-repeated question “Do you love me?” really hits home. John tells us that Peter feels “hurt.” I would guess that he is feeling a wide variety of emotions. But surely we hear the echo of Peter’s three previous denials—and the offer of a “do over.”

But Jesus doesn’t stop there. He also reinforces a common theme for Peter and the other disciples and us. Love for Jesus has to be more than words. We are called to feed and tend and take care of the people Jesus loves. We are called to rise up and follow.


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