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Beargrass Christian Church Rise Sermon Series

Rise and Listen

John 10:22-30

We are in the midst of an Easter season sermon series called “Rise!” We are considering qualities of Jesus’ followers and disciples. What does it mean for us to be “Easter people”—people of the resurrection? So far we have been exhorted to believe and follow. This week we are urged to rise and listen.

Like last week’s text from John 21, Jesus uses the shepherd/sheep metaphor in John 10. I will avoid the temptation to do with sheep what I did with horses on Derby weekend. As a pun-loving pastor, I could try to pull the wool over your eyes and slip in a few ovine lines. I could tell you that a sheep’s most common traffic violation is a ewe-turn and that their favorite truck is a Dodge Ram, but I might have to go “on the lamb”—so I’ll pass on the puns. 

So, what does Jesus mean when he says, “My sheep hear my voice?” Certainly listening is a key and critical component in any healthy relationship. As followers of Jesus, do we hear his voice? How? When? Where? Do we intentionally set aside time and select a place just to listen. We are well-aware that there are so many other voices competing for our attention and time and resources in our culture. With so much bad news and misinformation bombarding us, can we hear Good News and listen for God’s guidance?


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