(Disciples of Christ)
a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world

Beargrass Christian Church Rise Sermon Series

Rise and Be United!

John 17:20-26

Some people have described today’s passage as the conclusion of the “real” Lord’s prayer – it is part of a longer prayer that starts at the beginning of John 17.

On the eve of his betrayal and death, Jesus pleads with God. He prays for himself and his disciples. Then he prays for future believers—and that’s us! He pleads that we will experience the “unity of love.” He hopes that the gift of the Spirit will make us one. This unity is crucial because it is the trait that will probably be the most effective witness in the world.

So how has that been going for God’s people since Jesus prayed the prayer? Where and why have we fallen short? When and how have we been successful? Who are some people who have shown us that it is possible? What can we do—as individuals and together—to pull this off?


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