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The Lens of Lent: Oversight

The theme for the upcoming messages is “The Lens of Lent.” What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Lent?” Many of us think about “giving something up”—like chocolate or an unhealthy habit. I have also encouraged people to “take something on”—daily devotional time, a study, a renewed commitment to prayer, or new…

Eyes to See Presence of God graphic

Eyes to See the Presence of God

This weekend we will conclude our “Eyes to See” sermon series. We have been thinking about pivotal passages in the Gospel of Matthew. These texts have challenged us to see things differently, to recognize temptation, to accept God’s invitations, to be aware of our blessings, to see the light, and to look for ways to…

Higher Road graphic

Eyes to See the Higher Road

As we continue to think about the theme of “Eyes to See”, We look to God for guidance and directions for discipleship. Jesus’ words in this week’s portion of the Sermon on the Mount are some of the most challenging we will ever hear. He outlines an alternative, radical way of being and behaving. Some…

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Eyes to See God’s Invitation

This week we continue our Eyes to See series with a sermon from guest preacher Rev. Erin Wathen. Erin is the Associate Director for Marketing and Communications at Week of Compassion. In her sermon, Rev. Wathen discusses the work of Week of Compassion and having Eyes to See God’s invitation to all of us.

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Eyes To See Things Differently

We begin the season of Epiphany with a new sermon series titled “Eyes to See.” The stories that are usually associated with the season are the discovery of the Christ-child by the magi and the baptism of Jesus. The wise men followed the light of the star and saw Jesus for the first time. The…

Happy New You 2020

Happy New You!

Happy New Year! As the new year begins many folks make resolutions to transform themselves and their lives. Others are a bit more cynical about making resolutions feeling they don’t last and really don’t make much difference. In this sermon, Dr. Bond examines John 1:1-13. In the text, John proclaims Jesus was God’s message to…

Sing Love!

This weekend’s lesson begins with the words, “Now the birth of Jesus the Messiah took place in this way.” But Matthew could have easily replaced the word “birth” with “adoption” and the story would have been no less miraculous. It is amazing that Joseph treated Jesus as a son, although he was not his biological…